HUMANS The Veteran

When he left Humans he thought of retiring to a quiet life, then he went down into Underforest…

Card Name: The Veteran

Race: Humans

Rank: 4

Fame: 9

Toughness: 14

Power: 8

Base Attacks Number: 3

Skill 1: ME - Tenacity 6 - Increase Power of Character Card by 6 [30]

Skill 2: MM - Bleeding 7 - Every time the Opponen's Character Card deals DMG, it receives 2 DMG [10]

Skill 3: MM - Strong Hit 5 - Deal DMG equal to one and half times the Power to Opponent's Character Card [30]

Illustrator: Irene Cotrufo

Colorist: Luz

Background & Adaptation: Piccia

Character Design: Meg

Note: -

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