TAMIARA The Ranger of the Underforest

"After patrolling the Underforest for years, living among Humans is a peaceful holiday."

Card Name: The Ranger of the Underforest

Race: Tamiara

Rank: 3

Fame: 6

Toughness: 9

Power: 4

Base Attacks Number: 2

Skill 1: ME - Guard 4 - Increase Power and Toughness of Character Card by 2 [40]

Skill 2: M - Stimpack 5 - Treat Character Card by 5 after DMG received [10]

Skill 3: MME - Sneak Attack 5 - Deal DMG equal to Power +5. If Opponent's Character Card has less than half of its entire Toughness it dies [Only One Activation] [40]

Illustrator: Paola Magini

Colorist: Luz

Background & Adaptation: Piccia

Character Design: Meg

Note: -

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