The Desert Colossus

SALK The Desert Colossus.png
He is one of the richest Arkal mercenaries, whoever hires him is so afraid of him that he always pays him more than he owes.
Card Name: The Desert Colossus

Race: salk

Rank: 3

Fame: 6

Toughness: 12

Power: 6

Base Attacks Number: 3

Skill 1: MM - Dual Weapon Defence 5 - Character Card has 50% to reduce ATK DMG to 0 [10]

Skill 2: ME - Strong Hit 5 - Deal DMG equal to one and half times the Power to Opponent's Character Card [30]

Skill 3: MM - Frenzy 4 - Increase Power by 4, increase ATK by 1 and decrease Toughness by 2 [10]

Illustrator: Ranghos

Colorist: Ranghos

Background & Adaptation: Piccia

Character Design: Meg

Note: -

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