Lands of Redemption The Third Era

Since the Catastrophe, day and night on Earth no longer exist, now there are perpetual light and dark. Since very long time the seasons are forgotten, and what really is important is the survival.

Everything concerning this reborn world is generally called ‘Third Era’ by the populations who inhabit it and all that is passed is dead and buried. The Catastrophe that nobody remembers, but everyone knows, has irreparably changed the Earth’s trim saturating it of radiations. The few human survivors are no longer the unique world masters. Other races, originate from radioactive contamination caused by the Catastrophe, had evolved and live together on the rests of a planet in agony.

The Earth seems to be static. The northern hemisphere, constantly exposed to the sun, it’s hot and deserted while the south hemisphere is wrapped by darkness and ices. The inhabitants of this ominous world are located in temperate lands that are placed along the middle belt of the planet.

Nothing’s the same as before. The new races, Catastrophe’s daughters, have the ability to exploit and to dominate the radiations existing on the Earth, while a new humans’ generation, stronger and more resistant than they have ever been, has adapted to the Third Era, with primordial tenacity and obstinacy, strengthening and evolving itself.

What remains of the Old Era, with its destroyed cities and disappeared continents, blends into the present where new cities reborn and remaining poor technology is venerated and sought by someone and it is rejected by others, and where new religions and cults overlap to try to not commit the mistakes that led the planet to the devastation.

All new terrestrial beings live and move in a post-atomic world dominated by chaos to which everyone is trying to survive, in order to redeem themselves from the sins of their ancestors.

With the centuries’ passing each race found an area to be occupied: the small settlements became villages, cities and finally states. The research of economic and technological development brought populations, with their extravagances and differences, to interact together creating relations that sometimes gave rise to contrasts and conflicts. Columns of convoys and the old railways fill the  distances that separate populated regions. Barter is one of the bases of commerce and crown caps of old bottles are used as cash   (o hard cash). A gasoline tank has a huge value and someone could also kill for a small tank of pure water.

In this post-apocalyptic world of destruction and rebirth, a few heroes rise above the crowd in order to guide their followers toward the way of survival and preservation, trying to achieve Redemption from sins committed by the Old World citizens by destroying the Eden they lived in.


- Damas

- Graunt

- Humans

- Salk

- Tamiara

- Vampires

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