In the Shop you can buy Credits, Booster Packs, Caps and Energy.

Credits are one of the two currencies present on Redemption CCG – The Third Era (left section of Shop) and are used for purchase of Booster Packs of Cards and Caps.

Shop 001-1


In right section of Shop, or Junk Dealer, you can find:

- Booster Packs;

- Caps, they are other echange currency present on game, used for purchase Booster Packs, Energy and Cards on the Market;

- Energy, it is used to play when you don’t want to wait for time needed to recharge it.

Shop 002

Junk Dealer

Booster Packs differ in number and Rank of Cards contained within. On sale there is also a Booster Pack with only Hero Cards inside.

Shop 003

Booster Packs section

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