From Home section of Redemption Home CCG - The Third Era, each section of the Application is accessed:

- CARDS – Card Collection

- DECKS – Deck Building

- PLAY (RULES) – Match, Dome and Battlefield

- SHOP and JUNK DEALER - Booster Packs, Energy and Coins

- MARKET - Card Trade

In Home section there is also the Player Panel that contained all Player's game information: Level, Experience Points for next Level, Energy, amount of Caps and Credits.

Home 001-0


Tapping Avatar from the Player Panel, you can also change your username and avatar, enter any promotional codes and manage sound effects and music.

Home 002-0

Avatar Panel

In Home section there is also the Monthly Reward Panel in which you can see the rewards that can be collected day by day throughout the month.

Home 003-0

Monthly Reward Panel

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