[XX] ACTIVATION TIME: it is box brackets number that is at the bottom of the skills description and indicates skills activation time, lower the number the more the activation ability is fast.
ATK: Attack
Base Attacks Icon
BASE ATTACKS: during the fighting between two Character Cards, they will inflict to their opponents, for a number of turns equal to the number of attacks, damage equal to its power.
BLOOD: value of Energy Pool produced by Hero and used to activate Character Cards Skills (is a prerogative of  Vampires only). Abbreviation: B
CAPS: It is one of currencies used on Redemption CCG - The Third Era and be needed for purchase of Cards in the Market or Booster Packs in the Shop.
CREDITS: It is one of currencies used on Redemption CCG - The Third Era and be needed for purchase of Booster Packs in the Shop.
DMG: Damage
ENDURANCE: In Endurance mode, a Deck consists of a Hero Card and one to eight Character Cards. In the mechanic of this game mode, one Character Card that survived the clash can be used again, in order to struggle against the next Character proposed by the enemy.
ENERGY POOL: is composed of Movement, Mental Energy and Blood. For each round of combat the Energy Pool is filled, starting from the basic features of the Hero and adding up to the previously possible unspent values. It doesn't mean that the three types of Energy belonging to the Pool are in full produced by each Hero, in fact the production of Blood, for example, is a prerogative of  Vampires only.
FAME: (yellow box in the upper right corner of the Character Cards)this value identifies the reputation of a Character. It is transferred to the Hero opponent in case of defeat in the fighting with another Character. Losing a fight means then to give Fame points to your opponent. The sum of Fame points, for each of the two sides of the battlefield, will define who will be the winner of the match. Often Cards with big values ​​of Fame are also cards having particularly good performances.
GRAVEYARD: During match is the grid in which the defeated Cards end.
Hero Filter
HERO FILTER: it is used to speed up the search for cards showing only Heroes. The symbol is also located at the bottom right of each Hero Card.
HEROIC SKILLS: they have not an activation cost, but they become active if certain conditions occur during the match. Each Hero has two Skills at its disposal.
Mental Energy
MENTAL ENERGY: value of Energy Pool produced by Hero and used to activate Character Cards Skills. Abbreviation: E
MOVEMENT: value of Energy Pool produced by Hero and used to activate Character Cards Skills. Abbreviation: M
POWER: (red box at the bottom left of the Character Cards) it is the damage to an enemy with a single Basic Attack.
PRIORITY: Each skill, like any attack, has its own Activation Time. During the fight, with the passage of time, they will be activated in succession according to expected Activation Time value. In case skills and/or attacks have the same Activation Time, the Player Priority comes into play, to determine which of these is activated first. Priority is randomly assigned to one of the two players during first round and then assigned to the player who lose previous hand, that is he sees his card defeated. In event of a tie, i.e. no card is defeated, Priority changes hand (this is assigned to the other player). As a consequence, player with Priority will see all abilities and all attacks with the same Activation Time as those of the opponent starting first.
Filtri Razziali Wiki
RACE FILTERS: they are used to speed up the search for cards belonging to a specific race. Red corresponds to the Vampire race, the Violet to the Graunt race, the Orange to the Damas race, the Blue to the Human race, the Green to the Tamiara race and the Yellow to the Salk race. Small colorful world is also found in each Character Card and in each Hero Card to identify the breed to which it belongs.
RANK/RARITY: indicates rarity and value of Cards, higher rank more precious card (min Rank 1, max Rank 5).
SKILLS: each Character Card has three Skills available and they can be activated if there is in Energy Pool the sufficient amount of energy to pay the price.
TOUGHNESS: (blue box in the lower right corner of the Character Cards) represents the number of damages that a Card can receive without die. If this value is reduced to 0 or minus, the Character  is ‘captured’ and the opponent receives as a reward the Fame value of the defeated Card.
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